Class of 1972 - 50 year reunion details

To the Class of ’72!!!

Greetings to all. I am delighted to start sharing plans forwhat can only be described as “the event” in 2022. Yes, our 50thClass reunion.

So, mark your calendar now!  August 5th, 6th, and 7thso as to not conflict with vacations, grandkids visiting, got to use mytimeshare, fishing with Sam in Canada, the wife is redecorating, just gettingout of rehab, recovering from dental implants, just had knee surgery or hipreplacement, or any other lame excuse. No excuse for not attending the biggestreunion of your life (and yes life may be getting shorter). So, let’s focus onthe positive and see the guys that formed our lives to what we are today (stoplaughing Zar).

The schedule:

Golf on Friday the 5thAM – Ray Mach our chairman will be putting this together for all interestedgolfers. Remember golf is just Happy Hour on grass so even if you don’t usuallygolf you can attend and enjoy.

Friday Night the 5th- We will be congregating at a local watering hole (TBD). This is your chanceto exaggerate, tell lies, laugh, and have adult fun with fellow classmates.

Saturday the 6th– Reunion social hour and dinner at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls.

Social Hour – 6-7 PM dinner7-8.  Plenty of food to satisfy eventhe pickiest of

Sunday the 7th– Brunch at the Sheraton Suites

Ok so you’re all wondering. Howmuch is this gonna set me back? I am attempting to make the price $72 per person.Why $72? If you got to ask you need to focus more and go back to the beginningof the message. Here’s the catch. We need 72 attendees to make this pricehappen. That is 72 including classmates, spouses, significant others, girl, orguy you met at the bar last night, family, friends

I am absolutely convinced we canget 72 to attend. So, here’s the deal. I need your commitment early – yourmoney later. By April 30th I need to know if you are attending andthe number attending. If the total is under the magic number of 72, the pricewill go up to cover the costs (yes for all you accountants– some of the costsare fixed and we have a minimum guarantee to the Sheraton). If we have morethan 72, I vote we make a class gift to the Chanel Foundation.

Here's how to let me know – Iprefer an email so I have a better record: send your headcount to:    


Try not to respond via Facebookas it harder for me to track. I will put an event out on our Facebook page ifyou would prefer that method

Regardless I need in thatcommunication:

Name, number attending, name ofguest (if there is one), email address, phone number. I know that’s a lotespecially after a long day of work, retirement, or other activities.

Guys, we are only going to get 72if each and everyone of you reading this brings/notifies another classmate. Wehave our staunch regulars but now we need others. Some have attended a couplepast reunions, some never. I need your help, please reach out to anotherFirebird.