St. Peter Chanel Foundation

Alumni Hall of Fame

The Alumni Hall of Fame was established in 1982 as a means to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of Chanel Alumni.  Since that time one hundred and twelve have joined the Hall of Fame.  

The  Society of St. Peter Chanel began in 1988 recognizing the many parents and friends of Chanel for their countless hours and support to the school community.

The Eternal Flame Society was established in 2001 in order to honor alumni who have given their life for their country or who have died in the line of duty.

We will begin to form a committee in the near future to reopen the Hall of Fame, Society of St. Peter Chanel and Eternal Flame Society. 

St. Peter Chanel Eternal Flame Society

2001 - Alan D. Martin, 1965 - Vietnam, 2002 - Joseph Ryan, 1964 - Vietnam, 2003 – Stephen Cunningham, 1965 - Vietnam, 2004 – John M. Scully, 1965 – Vietnam, 2005 – Barry Clark, 1967 - Vietnam, 2006 - Jerald Beck, 1967 - Vietnam, 2007 - Robert Stefanov, 1983 - Police Officer, 2008 - John (Jack) L. Patton, 1966 - Vietnam, 2009 - Derek W. Owens, 1989 - Police Officer